Dahn America360, LLC is a sponsor of self storage funds seeking to provide individual investors dependable distributions while preserving and growing invested capital.


Company principals have extensive experience in land acquisition, entitlements, feasibility studies, development and construction of self storage facilities throughout the United States


The self storage industry is highly fragmented providing several opportunities for consolidation and brand building. Dahn America360's acquisition team is relentlessly focused on key demographic factors to identify opportunities. Our seasoned team of professionals are thorough, efficient and can close deals quickly.

Property and Asset Management

Self storage is not only real estate but also an operating business where partnering with a strong operator is necessary in order to achieve superior results. The Dahn America360 Property and Asset Management team takes great pride in implementing proven marketing programs and operating systems in order to maximize returns for our investors.

Investor Relations

The Dahn America360 Investor Relations team enjoys working collaboratively with both the Asset Management team and the Investors. Communication is key and at Dahn America360 we strive to deliver valuable, consistent and timely reports to our investors.